We believe home design should be affordable and without compromise.

At Dorel Home, we're committed to providing unmatched value, making functional and stylish home design a reality for all. 

From bedroom to playroom, bathroom to basement, garage to gourmet kitchen, we believe home design should be without compromise. It’s why ever since our founding in 1962, we’ve been globally recognized as a leading furniture brand producing quality, ready-to-assemble furniture for every home, room, lifestyle, and budget. ​

What started five decades ago as a family-owned business has grown into a diverse design company with a focus on what matters most, the people in the room. Since lifestyles are ever-evolving, we continue to expand our offerings through cutting-edge product innovation, ensuring our furniture solutions meet all needs at all times.​

At Dorel Home, we’re experts in furniture. We believe that building a home should be a celebratory moment, so together, let’s find the perfect piece for every place. 

Our Commitments

At Dorel Home, we recognize our responsibility to the planet and future generations. As a leading furniture manufacturer, we are committed to prioritizing sustainability and environmental protection across every facet of our operations. Our vision is to create a more sustainable future by aligning our business practices with environmental preservation and social responsibility. By the year 2025, we pledge to make significant strides in various areas that reflect our commitment to a more sustainable and ethical world.​

Cleaner Indoor Air

We are committed to lowering toxic emissions and reducing the potential for respiratory issues and other health problems through an expansion of our Greenguard Gold certified product line. Using prescribed emission standards, GreenGuard Gold Certified products must undergo strict air quality testing and get screened for thousands of chemical contaminants and VOCs that are the leading contributors of indoor air pollution.

Reduced Environmental

Our ultimate goal is to reduce waste at every level of the manufacturing process and packaging plays a key component in helping us forge a better path to limit our carbon footprint. We strive to ship all products in a compact and recyclable cardboard box using sustainable protective wrapping without unnecessary and wasteful fillers. ​

Responsible Materials

Knowing that our world has limited resources, we’re committed to ensuring that our products are increasingly engineered with sustainable materials like responsibly sourced wood and recycled fibers. We continue to innovate and discover manufacturing processes that follow a clean chain of custody without any compromises made to environmental, social, or economic integrity.​​

Fostering Equality
& Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment extends beyond words, as we continue to actively engage in initiatives that address critical global challenges. Through our unwavering actions and support for local programs and charities in the community, we strive to create a world that embraces the differences that make us stronger and more united.​

Energy Consumption

By embracing innovation and sustainability, we pledge to transform our buildings into a model of energy efficiency. Through technological advancements, smart design, and responsible resource management, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, lower energy consumption, and minimize waste.

We invite our partners to join us on this impactful journey towards a more sustainable and equitable future. Together, we can create positive change that not only benefits our company but also contributes to a better world for generations to come. 

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